About me


My name is Juanita Carruth

I am the Founder of Families Against Child Trafficking. I was appointed to The Human Trafficking Prevention Commission Advisory Board of Louisiana and The Louisiana Children Cabinet Advisory Board as a Parent Representative of New Orleans. I was born and raised in New Orleans. I learned first-hand of the horrors of Human Trafficking when my daughter became a victim of this heinous crime. I decided to educate myself on this issue by attending Human Trafficking trainings and meeting with professionals in the community. While learning about the realities and misconceptions around human trafficking in my community, I became a human trafficking advocate and I will use my voice to speak for the voiceless. I share my story to help listeners understand that children from loving, two-parent households can become victims of human trafficking. I also remind listeners that human trafficking affects entire families, and therefore, entire communities. I urge politicians, community members, and caregivers to come together to combat human trafficking and prevent it from happening to other children.





What is Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against his/her will.



What are the Warning Signs


Signs of physical abuse

( bruising or visible marks on body parts)


 Inappropriately Dressed or Clothed

( tight or revealing clothing)


 Increase in Sexual Behavior

(engaging in inappropriate conversations or watching pornograhic movies)


  Signs of drug and alcohol addiction.


 Abnormally tired or falling asleep in class at school.  


 Increase in absences  from school.


Boasting and Bragging about having or making large amounts of money to others.


 Drastic change in attitude or demeanor.


 Having older friends

 (older boyfriend or girlfriend).


 Branding or tattoo that is sexually explicit, or that they are unwilling to talk about.


 Gang Affiliations

( clothing color preference)

specific to their gang.



 Report Human Trafficking



Take Action

( if you Suspect Someone Is Being Trafficked Call 911) 


National Statewide & Local Hotline Lines


Covenant House



 DCFS Louisiana hotline



National Human Trafficking Hotline

1-888-373-7888 or text Help to 233733.







Is to expose and abolish human sex trafficking against children. We must protect and prevent children from becoming victims of modern day slavery!



Is to combat Human Trafficking through awareness, prevention, and partnering with community based programs throughout the of City of New Orleans and beyond. Families Against Child Trafficking was started on the basis of a personal experience as a mother who has a youth that was a child victim of Sex Trafficking!



Is to fight for families who have suffered from the trauma of this heinious and horrific crime!


How To Get Involved



Promote Awareness, Take action, and Start the dialogue.


Have open and honest conversations with your children about healthy relationships, Internet/social media safety, and making safe decisions.


Start A Club or Community Group


     Lobby Local Policymakers


Hold An Event To Raise Awareness.

      Apply or Volunteer At An Anti-Trafficking Organization.


Build Relationships With Local Faith Based Organizations.



Stop the sale of children! They are not for sale!






Help Save Our Children





Ending Human Trafficking